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SUPPORT CENTER - Pocket Quicken FAQ's

Why is Pocket Quicken no longer for sale?

Pocket Quicken was licensed by Intuit and they have decided we are no longer to offer this product to the market as their mobile strategy has changed. Those customers who own a license for Pocket Quicken - please note your software does not expire and will continue to run. You may contact Intuit via their Customer Feedback Form.


Is Pocket Quicken Compatible with Quicken 2008, 2009, 2010?

Yes, the last (2.5) installer is compatible. Pocket Quicken is not compatible with Quicken Essentials for Mac.


My data on the handheld is out of sync with the desktop, what should I do?

WARNING - Only perform these steps if your data on the desktop Quicken is up to date - this will remove your Pocket Quicken data from the handheld.

For a Palm OS device, here are the steps:

- Tap the Home button (where you see all the program icons) on your Palm handheld
- Tap the upper left corner of the screen to show the menubar
- Tap Delete...
- Scroll down to the PQKN- files
- Delete all of them (must be done one at a time)
- Tap Done
- Launch Pocket Quicken and confirm that you sync with the desktop
- Perform a HotSync.

For a Windows Mobile Device:

- Launch Pocket Quicken
- Tap Tools menu -> Options -> About
- On the About screen, tap to the right of the "t" in About
- Confirm the dialog, tap OK
- Perform a sync to reload your data.


I am getting a Communications error when I sync, what do you recommend?

Two suggestions:
1 - If oyu have a Windows Mobile handheld, try resolving by launching Pocket Quicken on your handheld, tapping the Menu and going to Options -> Setup Wizard. Walk through all the screens. Then try syncing again.

2 - If you have any firewall or spam filter (such as Spyware Detector, Counter Spy, Virus Scan, AOL Firewall/Virus) please temporarily disable them and try to sync again.

3 - If you device is a Windows Mobile smartphone running Windows Mobile 6.0 or later and does not have a touch screen, our software is not compatible with these models.


Does Pocket Quicken work with Andriod, Palm Pre, iPhone or Blackberry?

The Palm OS version will run using Classic by MotionApps on the Palm Pre. Details on how to use the Palm OS software with a Palm Pre can be found on the Palm Pre Setup page. The software is not comptible with the other platforms.


I lost all my data in Quicken on the PC, can I restore from the handheld?

While not a recommended method of data recovery you can take advantage of Pocket Quicken 2.5's ability to export a QIF file and then use it to reload the data that is on your handheld back into Quicken. To perform this task, please follow these steps:



Online banking support?

Pocket Quicken does not support a connection to one's online bank. It syncs directly with Quicken running on a desktop or laptop computer.


My font is too small on my Windows Mobile Display, how can I correct this?

To correct this, please follow these steps:

- Launch Pocket Quicken on the handheld
- Tap Menu -> Options -> Preferences...
- Uncheck use Text Size from Screen Settings
- Tap OK
- Tap Menu and choose Exit

When you re-launch Pocket Quicken it should look OK.


Can I sync my Windows Mobile device with a Macintosh?

No, we do not support a Mac to Windows Mobile sync.


Will the current Pocket Quicken work with Quicken 2003?

No, the latest Pocket Quicken requires Quicken 2004 or later.


Not syncing with my Macintosh...

Confirm that you are syncing to the correct Quicken file:
- On your Mac, launch: Applications -> Palm -> HotSync Manager
- Type command-j
- Scroll down and Double-click Pocket Quicken 2.5
- Click "Use Last Used Data file" button
- Click OK
- Close HotSync Manager

Try a HotSync.

How can I keep my Pocket Quicken Connect window hidden?

If you are using Vista:
Connect your handheld to your PC
Launch Windows Mobile Desktop


If you are using Windows XP:
Connect your handheld to your PC
Open ActiveSync
Selection Options from the menubar
Double-Click on Pocket Quicken to modify its settings
Check "Hide Pocket Quicken Connect" checkbox


How can I obtain a lost activation code?

  1. Launch the software on your handheld

  2. Record both the Owner Name and 8 digit User ID as displayed on the screen
    (Please note: if your Owner Name says: "None Assigned" on your Windows Mobile device, please go to Start -> Settings -> Owner Information and enter your name, then return to our program.)

  3. Send an email to sales@landware.com with the above information and the product you need the activation code for.