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Product Activation - Expensable - Shanghai

How can I obtain a lost activation code?

  1. Launch the software on your handheld

  2. Record both the Owner Name and 8 digit User ID as displayed on the screen
    (Please note: if your Owner Name says: "None Assigned" on your Windows Mobile device, please go to Start -> Settings -> Owner Information and enter your name, then return to our program.)

  3. Send an email to sales@landware.com with the above information and the product you need the activation code for.


How do I install Wine Guide on my BlackBerry?

  1. Option 1: Download and Install directly on your BlackBerry smartphone by clicking the online direct download link

  2. Option 2: Download the desktop install file, once downloaded decompress the .ZIP file and install using the Blackberry Desktop Manager program on your Macintosh or Windows PC.


Where is the Wine Guide icon onmy Blackberry?

    Depending on the BlackBerry model, it may be at the bottom of your home screen, or it may be in the "Downloads" folder. To move out of the "Downloads" folder and out onto your Home screen follow these steps:
    1. Open the Downloads folder and navigate to the Wine Guide icon
    2. Press the BlackBerry menu button
    3. Choose "Move to Folder" and select Home
    4. Once on the Home level you can position the Wine Guide icon to a new location by selecting it and from the Menu choosing "Move"


How can I suggest a wine not in the database?

  1. Send an email to custserv@wineenthusiast.net with the details of the wine you like to have included in a future update.


My existing activation code does not seem to work?

See directions above for lost activation code.


My tiles are all blank - how can I fix this?

Launch the Game and tap Options

Under Play Mode select Shanghai (blank tiles = Contemplation Mode)